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  Giant Hobby Engine Abrams M1 1:16 scale Desert Tank Premium / PRO EDITION 500406022

Upgraded tracks, engines, gears, 2.4 ghz remote control, bb canon, custom paintjob with weathered look: as if it's just returned from the battlefield...

The M1 Abrams is the standard battle tank of the US Forces and is considered to be the best of its category.
It has superior firepower, excellent protective armour and high speed even when passing through rough terrain.
Sophisticated sensors and night vision instruments enable the tank to operate efficiently in any weather condition.

Respect for the crews who operated the 1/1 scale tank.

Btw I'm from the Netherlands, Europe and bought this tank at my local hobby store http://www.monstercars.nl

Factory link http://www.hobbyengine.com.hk/catalog/product.php?product_id=69
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  RC Tank M41A3 Walker Bulldog pro 2.4 ghz 1/16 scale metal Taigen Torro Heng Long

The 1/16th scale Bulldog is a top of the range rc tank from Taigen. It's a fully functional model with many upgrades over standard 1/16th tanks. Most noticeable is the fantastic hand painted body that makes every tank original. This is also the metal upgrade version that comes with metal parts, tracks and gearbox which not only add to the realism but also also makes it more reliable. This new updated version comes with 2.4GHz transmitter receiver kit. The radio system has many advantages compared to the old crystal based systems like extended range, no interference from fellow enthusiasts and precision steering.

Next very cool feature is the sound on this machine, the sound generator has 2 channels and can play 2 sounds simultaneously - in short you will hear the gun firing over the soundtrack of the engine and together with the smoke generator and BB airsoft gun adds to the authenticity of the bulldog.

The Taigen Bulldog is almost 2 feet in length. The tank is fully functional with multi-directional driving, 360 degrees turret swivel and rising and lowering barrel. The gun has an amazing range of almost 50 feet and a capacity of 40 pellets. It powers out plastic 6mm BB's and has a powerful red warning light, next to the barrel, that illuminates before firing. The paint effects are carefully done by hand to give the appearance of age and of seeing battle which is finished off perfectly with the included tank commander who is fully painted and in uniform. This really is a high quality and custom painted [airbrush] model which makes an excellent display model too.


The M41 Bulldog was an American light tank developed to replace the M24 Chaffee. The M41 was an agile and well armed vehicle. The Walker Bulldog saw limited combat with the U.S. Army during the Korean War and was then used in Vietnam by the Army Republic of South Vietnam. The Walker Bulldog was an instant success with South Vietnamese armor crewmen which, combined with the tank's mechanical reliability, simplicity, and excellent handling made the Bulldog a worthy war machine.

Engine: Continental AOS 895-3 6-cylinder gasoline 500 hp (373 kW)

RC tank Features

Hand painted finish - each tank is unique!
New generation 2.4GHz radio transmitter receiver set
Metal tracks
Metal gearbox
Metal parts
Rechargeable battery 7.2v 1700m
Real smoking exhaust
Fires BB's up to 25m
40 BB capacity
Realistic 2 channel sound
Multi speed forward & reverse
Independent suspension


Length: 480mm
Width: 220mm
Height: 180mm
Running time: 30 mins
Battery pack: 7.2v

Not in the box

8 x AA Batteries for the radio